These illustrations include Western style cartoons as well as manga inspired designs


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Musky Wild

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Little Princy Tattoo

Adorable Fox

Colorful Tusks Elephant

Disney Princess Avengers

Girl and Dalek

Silly Toothless

Coy Toothless

Flight of Toothless

Modern Ed

Ed on Tracks - FMA

Sam Phantom

Older Danny

Older Danny Button

Danny Phantom Badges

Anime Character 1

Anime Character 2

Anime Character 3

Panda Warrior

Anxiety Monster 3

Anxiety Monster 5

Dragon with Scarf

Sleepy Dragon

Bulldog with Shoes

Chef Dog

Sniffing Dog

Dancing Dogs

Cartoon Squirrel

Droopy Raven

Relaxed Rook

Mischievous Magpie

Sluggish Mirror Carp

Tench Fish MD

Persnickety Pike

Curmudgeonly Common  Eel

Woebegone Whale Shark

Grumpy Great White Shark

Hammered Hammerhead Shark

Cursed Stephen Strange

Spidey Riding Ironman

Undercover Sherlock - Will

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