I have been in the field of graphic design for over 10 years.  When I first started out, it was with the intention of working in animation.  I had been enamored by the idea of being a Disney artist since I was a child.  However, as my art developed, my focus developed as well.  I realized my true passion was with creature art. 


I have always loved drawing animals, but my greatest love has been fantasy.  A long-standing dream I've had would be to work for a studio or in an industry that created monsters and other creatures for film, theater, or other media.  The work I've done for Palladium Books has helped to fulfill some of that desire as well as helped to develop my abilities in creature design.


I am very skilled with traditional materials such as pen & ink, graphite, scratch board, and marker.  In the last 10 years, I've also developed my abilities with digital illustration. My primary media is working in Photoshop and Illustrator.  I love to explore the limits of this technology and love the options it gives me to create beautiful designs! 

My first experience using Photoshop was in college back in 1998.  I have loved digital illustration and design ever since.  I acquired my first copy of Photoshop over a decade ago.  Initially the software was just a fun tool for drawing.  However, through the years I've developed my skills as a strong graphic designer as well.  When I became employed at Arctic Circle Enterprises, I was introduced to Adobe Illustrator.


Between these two software programs, I've created screen print designs for various garments, clip art, mock-ups for sculpture and a variety of gift items, illustrations for mugs, plates, trivets, and more, as well as a plethora of other products.  I have also illustrated half a dozen books from children's books to detailed guides.  I have an ongoing contract employment with Palladium Books where I create illustrations for their role playing publication, "The Rifter".  The illustration above this paragraph is one example of the art I create for this client.


Whether with traditional media or digital software, I continue to develop my talent.  I love the opportunity to show off my skills.