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I am still crafting myself - as most of us are.  With every drawing, every story, every moment lived I grow closer to who I would like to one day become.  I create monsters because I am fascinated that ugliness can also be beautiful.  My passion is creature design because when you have control over those things that frighten - they do not have control over you.  And I say all of those interesting and poetic things because they make me sound really deep and philosophical.  The reality is that I am an ordinary girl from the far North of Minnesota - almost as far removed from Hollywood as one can get though my dreams still try to take me there.


Amongst family and friends (even those who aren't either) I've always been known, usually to my face, as "the weird one".  But that label has never hurt - even if it was meant to.  Because it means I am memorable.  Whatever else I may leave behind in this world, that is what matters most.  I want to leave astounding creations in my wake.  I want my art and writing to continue to breathe for centuries after I pass.  Whether this desire is a cliche' or simple human nature, I want to be remembered.  Not simply as "someone who once lived" but as someone whose life contributed something that mattered.

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